Operational payments and transaction management

FINconnect helps manage bill payments and account receivable transactions for Canadian organizations, employees, suppliers and end-users through a user-friendly online portal. It allows organizations of any size to effectively manage payees on one platform and direct the payment of funds into their Canadian bank accounts. FINconnect allows for complete control over a company’s payables and receivables while providing up-to-the-minute clear and legible reporting.

Automatically update your customer's account balances in real-time.
Push Payments infrastructure that provides a direct, real-time link between transactions generated on the FINconnect platform and customer accounts maintained on your system. One API call provides you with the ability to credit your customer's account immediately once funds are received into FINconnect regardless of the source.
Enabling multiple guaranteed funding options, all tied directly to your system and fully automated in real-time. In- Person payments are now available with additional payment options being added.
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In-Person payments
Allow customers to add funds to their account at any Canada Post retail location nationwide

Using FINconnect’s custom-built load transaction capability leveraged through Canada Post’s point of sale (“POS”) and backend integration to program partners, FINconnect allows your customers to walk into any of Canada Post’s over 6,500+ retail locations across Canada, present their personalized barcode to the clerk, pay with Interac® Debit or cash and then walk out with the funds automatically loaded into their account on your system.

Real-time direct-to-account transactions combined with a vast retail network,
make this option the ideal solution for managing account loads for your customers.
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